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15 boeken over Codeigniter

Op dit moment zijn er 15 boeken over Codeigniter.

De eerste is uitgegeven in 2007 en de laatste in 2016.


Wanneer zou er een boek over Codeigniter 4 zijn?


Practical CodeIgniter 3
Auteur: Lonnie Ezell
Datum: 15-08-2016

Practical CodeIgniter 3 is a concise, fun guide to getting up to speed using the CodeIgniter 3 PHP web application framework. You'll learn how the pieces fit together, what goes where, and how to use and extend the framework to make it work for your application or company. You'll see practical solutions to common questions that crop up on the forums on topics like theming, efficient models, testing, and using Composer with your project.

CodeIgniter Testing Guide
Auteur: Kenji Suzuki, Mat Whitney
Datum: 23-01-2016

CodeIgniter Testing Guide is a beginners guide to automated testing in PHP. We use PHPUnit and write test code for CodeIgniter 3.0 web applications. Knowledge of CodeIgniter is not required, but will make it easier to understand the examples used in this book. You will learn how to set up the testing environment, how to write test code, and how to run tests.

CodeIgniter Web Application Blueprints
Auteur: Rob Foster
ISBN: 978-1-78328-709-3
Datum: 21-01-2015

Develop full-featured dynamic web applications using the powerful CodeIgniter MVC framework. Create your own dynamic web application using wireframes, databases, and language files. Develop unique applications to perform simple tasks, such as authorizing users, sharing photos, or making a shopping platform. Explore the MVC framework with the help of a number of projects developed in this book

CodeIgniter: Questions and Answers
Auteur: George Duckett
Datum: 05-01-2015

If you have a question about CodeIgniter this is the book with the answers. CodeIgniter: Questions and Answers takes some of the best questions and answers asked on the stackoverflow website. You can use this book to lookup commonly asked questions, browse questions on a particular topic, compare answers to common topics, check out the original source and much more. This eBook has been designed to be very easy to use, with many internal links set up that makes browsing in many different ways possible. Topics covered include: PHP, MySql, the active record pattern, authentication, REST and many more.

CodeIgniter Web Application Blueprints
Auteur: Rob Foster
ISBN: 978-1783287093
Datum: 01-01-2015
Pagina's: 330

The book begins with creating a "base" application, which will be used to develop all the subsequent projects in this book.
Taking you through the installation of CodeIgniter and Twitter Bootstrap, you will be introduced to some common helpers and libraries.
The book will then take you through many projects, developed upon the base application.
The projects include a discussion forum, a photo sharing website, and an e-commerce website.
Towards the end, you will have eight projects that you can develop and amend.

CodeIgniter 2 Cookbook
Auteur: Rob Foster
ISBN: 978-1782162308
Datum: 13-12-2013

As a PHP developer, you may have wondered how much difference the Codeigniter framework might make when creating web applications. Now you can find out with a host of customizable recipes ready to insert into your own work. Customizable code that can be used in your own applications right away. Recipes that will help you solve your Codeigniter issues efficiently and effectively. Each recipe comes with a full code example, and where necessary, the Model and View files are included too.

Programming with CodeIgniter MVC
Auteur: Eli Orr, Yehuda Zadik
ISBN: 978-1-84969-470-4
Datum: 01-09-2013

Build feature-rich web applications using the CodeIgniter MVC framework. Master the concepts of maximum simplicity, separation, flexibility,reusability, and performance efficiency.

The CodeIgniter Handbook - Vol. 1 Unit Testing
Auteur: Jamie Rumbelow
ISBN: 978-0957179110
Datum: 01-01-2013

Building stable, feature rich applications is tough, no matter what the programming language. Small changes to code can often cause devastating effects. With pressures mounting and requests coming in thick and fast from the client, how can you ensure your code remains stable and error-free throughout the course of the application’s lifetime? The answer is unit testing. In the third and final volume of his immensely popular CodeIgniter Handbook, CI guru Jamie Rumbelow will teach you the most effective way to set up a unit testing environment in CodeIgniter. He’ll look at the differences between unit, functional and integration tests, he’ll show you how best to isolate your code and the most effective way of testing your application’s core logic using PHPUnit and Composer.

The CodeIgniter Handbook - Vol. 1 Who Needs Ruby?
Auteur: Jamie Rumbelow
ISBN: 978-0957179103
Datum: 18-02-2012

Useful information from one of the web’s pioneering developers. Learn about the whats & whys of writing cleaner, more concise code. Discover fascinating new techniques that allow you to remove duplication, increase your programming efficiency, and reduce those repetitive tasks.

The CodeIgniter Handbook - Vol. 1 API Design
Auteur: Jamie Rumbelow
ISBN: 978-0957179110
Datum: 18-02-2012

In this book, you’ll learn the principles behind modern RESTful API design as well as a bunch of helpful implementation details, such as how to version your APIs,how to use HTTP to specify content types and how to extend and debug your APIs with useful homegrown tools.

CodeIgniter 1.7 Professional Development
Auteur: Adam Griffiths
ISBN: 978-1849510905
Datum: 01-04-2010
Pagina's: 300

This book will take you through developing applications with CodeIgniter. You will learn how to make your CodeIgniter application more secure than a default installation, how to build large-scale applications and web services, how to release code to the community, and much more. You will be able to authenticate users, validate forms, and also build libraries to complete different tasks and functions.

CodeIgniter 1.7
Auteur: David Upton, Jose Argudo Blanco
ISBN: 978-1847199485
Datum: 01-11-2009
Pagina's: 300

This book explains how to work with CodeIgniter in a clear logical way. It is not a detailed guide to the syntax of CodeIgniter, but makes an ideal complement to the existing online CodeIgniter user guide, helping you grasp the bigger picture and bringing together many ideas to get your application development started as smoothly as possible.

Practical Codeigniter 2 Projects
Auteur: Jamie Rumbelow
ISBN: 978-1430218852
Datum: 27-10-2009

Building Real-World Apps with Codeigniter. Today's Web 2.0 is demanding more with less. CodeIgniter, an up-and-coming PHP-based Web application development framework that leaves a little footprint, rises to the challenge. Some say it's the Merb, or micro Rails-like framework, of the PHP world. CodeIgniter may be the most agile, lightweight of the PHP web frameworks, exceptional performance in the applications you create with it. It requires zero configuration, has no templating language, does not require you to use command line, and has no restrictive coding rules nor large-scale monolithic libraries like PEAR. If you want something light and alternative to CakePHP, symfony, and Zend, this is it.

Professional CodeIgniter
Auteur: Thomas Myer
ISBN: 978-0-470-28245-8
Datum: 01-07-2008
Pagina's: 336

If you’re a PHP developer, you can build Rails-like applications without learning a new language by following the hands-on tutorials in Professional CodeIgniter. In this book, find an overview of MVC and agile technologies, model and schema for products, helpers and libraries, Ajax and Scriptaculous, and explanations of the creation of applications like content management, blogs, and forums. Follow the step-by-step instructions for building and perfecting each application with CodeIgniter, and you will learn how to avoid everyday problems that other reference manuals don’t address.

CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development
Auteur: David Upton
ISBN: 978-1847191748
Datum: 01-07-2007

CodeIgniter (CI) is a powerful open-source PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for PHP coders who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter is an MVC framework, similar in some ways to the Rails framework for Ruby, and is designed to enable, not overwhelm. This book explains how to work with CodeIgniter in a clear logical way. It is not a detailed guide to the syntax of CodeIgniter, but makes an ideal complement to the existing online CodeIgniter user guide, helping you grasp the bigger picture and bringing together many ideas to get your application development started as smoothly as possible.





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