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Codeigniter versie 3.1.10 uitgebracht

Uitgebracht op 16-01-2019


General Changes


  • Added ‘ssl_verify’ support to the ‘pdo/mysql’ Database driver.
  • Renamed Inflector Helper function is_countable() to word_is_countable() due to the former colliding with one introduced in PHP 7.3.0.


Bug fixes for 3.1.10


  • Session Library had a syntax error in its ‘memcached’ driver.
  • Database Forge method modify_column() always made fields NOT NULL when attempting to modify their nullable property under PostgreSQL.
  • Database Library didn’t allow SSL connection configuration with only the ‘ssl_verify’ option when using the ‘mysqli’ driver.
  • Session Library crashed due to a caching-related error with the ‘files’ driver.
  • XML-RPC Library had a typo that triggered an E_WARNING message on PHP 7.2.
  • Database Forge method create_table() generated an E_WARNING message.
  • Form Validation Library rule valid_base64 didn’t have a default error message.
  • Database Library methods list_fields(), field_exists() returned incorrect results after tables are modified.
  • Database driver ‘mysqli’ triggered an E_WARNING message if there’s no 'port' specified in the database configuration.
  • Database Caching could try to delete non-existent cache files due to a race condition.
  • CAPTCHA Helper function create_captcha() didn’t comply with CSS standards.
  • Form Validation Library didn’t nullify array inputs that are expected to be strings.