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Codeigniter versie 3.1.11 uitgebracht

Uitgebracht op 19-09-2019


  • General Changes
    • Changed CI_Log to append PHP_EOL instead of \n at the end of log messages.
    • Improved performance in Cache Library ‘redis’ driver with non-scalar variables.
    • Altered the Session Library ‘files’ driver to log error and trigger a session start failure instead of throwing an Exception in case of unusable $config['sess_save_path'].
    • Updated the Session and Cache libraries’ ‘redis’ driver to work with phpRedis 5.

Bug fixes for 3.1.11

  • Fixed a bug (#5681) - Database Forge method modify_column() produced erroneous SQL for DEFAULT attribute changes under PostgreSQL, Firebird.
  • Fixed a bug (#5692) - Database Forge didn’t handle column nullability with the ‘oci8’, ‘pdo/oci’ drivers.
  • Fixed a bug (#5701) - Database driver ‘pdo/pgsql’ produced incorrect DSNs when constructing from a configuration array.
  • Fixed a bug (#5708) - Session Library ‘redis’ driver too often failed with locking-related errors that could’ve been avoided.
  • Fixed a bug (#5703) - Session Library triggered an E_WARNING message about changing session.save_path during an active session when it fails to obtain a lock.
  • Fixed a bug where Session Library ‘database’ driver didn’t trigger a failure if it can’t obtain a lock.
  • Fixed a bug (#5755) - Form Validation Library rule valid_url accepted digit-only domains due to a PHP bug.
  • Fixed a bug (#5753) - Cache Library ‘redis’ driver methods increment()decrement() ignored their $offset parameter.
  • Fixed a bug (#5779) - Session Library ‘redis’ only attempted to validate session IDs in case the connection to Redis failed.
  • Fixed a bug (#5774) - Database Results method custom_result_object() didn’t properly handle empty result sets, triggering E_WARNING messages on PHP 7.2+.
  • Fixed a bug (#5788) - Database Results method field_data() triggered an E_NOTICE error with PDO when a field type is not recognized by PHP.
  • Fixed a bug (#5796) - Query Builder method list_tables() triggered an SQL syntax error under MySQL when the database schema is a numeric string.
  • Fixed a bug where Security Class would trigger an E_WARNING if CSRF inputs are arrays instead of strings.