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Codeigniter versie 3.1.5 uitgebracht

Uitgebracht op 19-06-2017



  • Form Validation Library rule valid_email could be bypassed if idn_to_ascii() is available.

General Changes

  • Updated Form Helper function form_label() to accept HTML attributes as a string.

Bug fixes for 3.1.5

  • Email Library didn’t properly detect 7-bit encoding.
  • XML-RPC Library errored because of a variable name typo.
  • Inflector Helper function singular() didn’t properly handle ‘quizzes’.
  • private controller methods triggered PHP errors instead of a 404 response.
  • Database Forge method modify_column() triggered an error while renaming columns with the ‘oci8’, ‘pdo/oci’ drivers.
  • Query Builder method count_all_results() returned incorrect result for queries using LIMIT, OFFSET.