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Codeigniter versie 3.1.9 uitgebracht

Uitgebracht op 12-06-2018



  • Updated URL Helper function auto_link() to add rel="noopener" to generated links in order to prevent tab hijacking.
  • Fixed a possible session fixation vulnerability where the Session Library enabled session.use_strict_mode but it didn’t actually do anything.


General Changes


  • Updated Query Builder method limit() to allow 0 values.
  • Updated Email Library and Form Validation Library to discard the results of failed idn_to_ascii() calls while validating e-mail addresses.

Bug fixes for 3.1.9


  • Query Builder methods like(), or_like() (and siblings) didn’t apply dbprefix or identifier escaping.
  • Query Builder methods like(), or_like() (and siblings) produced incorrect SQL syntax when used with 'before' as the third parameter.
  • HTML Helper functions img(), link_tag() would output results with double slashes if a prefix slash was included in their path inputs.