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Codeigniter versie 4.1.2 in ontwikkeling

Version 4.1.2


Release Date: Not released


4.1.2 release of CodeIgniter4


  • New HTTP classes, Cookie and CookieStore, for abstracting web cookies.
  • New assertRedirectTo() assertion available for HTTP tests.
  • New logger handler, ErrorlogHandler, that writes to error_log().
  • Entity. Added custom type casting functionality.
  • New option in routing. The priority option lower the priority of specific route processing.


  • Response::getCookie now returns a Cookie instance instead of an array of cookie attributes.
  • Response::getCookies now returns an array of Cookie instances instead of array of array of attributes.
  • To eliminate warnings from modern browsers’ consoles, empty samesite values will be defaulted to Lax on cookie dispatch.
  • Model::errors() and BaseModel::errors() now always returns array; there was no definition change but the docblock has been updated.
  • Entity::castAs has changed behavior. Added new parameter $method. Type casting has been moved to separate handlers.
  • Entity. Timestamp casting now throws an exception when an invalid value is passed
  • Entity::castAsJson uses external cast handler CastAsJson::get.
  • Entity::mutateDate uses external cast handler CastAsDatetime::get.


  • Language strings and exceptions on invalid cookie samesite are deprecated for the CookieException’s own exception message.
  • Deprecated cookie-related properties of Response in order to use the Cookie class.
  • Deprecated cookie-related properties of Security in order to use the Cookie class.
  • Deprecated cookie-related properties of Session in order to use the Cookie class.
  • Deprecated Security::isExpired() to use the Cookie’s internal expires status.
  • Deprecated CIDatabaseTestCase to use the DatabaseTestTrait instead.
  • Deprecated FeatureTestCase to use the FeatureTestTrait instead.
  • Deprecated ControllerTester to use the ControllerTestTrait instead.
  • Consolidated and deprecated ControllerResponse and FeatureResponse in favor of TestResponse.

Bugs Fixed:

  • BaseConnection::query() now returns false for failed queries (unless DBDebug==true, in which case an exception will be thrown) and returns boolean values for write-type queries as specified in the docs.